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Custom Software Development

Outplay your competition with a custom software that fits your business needs.

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Network and Infrastructure

Build a robust and reliable IT infrastructure to deliver your services.

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Database Design and Management

Create relevant and timely information to make sound business decisions.

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Mobile App Development

Deliver you services anywhere and everywhere with mobile applications.

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Cyber Security

Enhance your company's capability to protect your resources from security breaches.

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Software Quality Assurance

Boost your confidence in every product you release by testing it!

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Contact Number: (02) 556 7326

Email Address: info@xynteza.com

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About Us

Company Profile

Xynteza is a company formed to provide IT consultancy and business solutions development services and products that are streamlined to meet clientele’s various business processes requirements. To further address clientele’s holistic service expectations as well as to meet the demand for the growing business solutions industry requirements, Xynteza provides solutions program familiarization for clientele’s operational purposes.


In order to meet the demand for the growing requirements for business solutions in various industries, Xynteza endeavors to provide quality IT consultancy services, create and deliver cutting-edge and highly competitive business solutions.


A major player, trusted IT consultancy and business solutions development company.

Our Team

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Benito Runas III

Database Architect/Backend Developer

image of team member named Carlex

Carlex Crespo

Systems Engineer/Security Specialist

image of team member named Ross

Ross Bendal

Front-End Developer/Quality Assurance

image of team member named Jerome

Jerome Sy

Marketing Specialist/Graphic Design

image of team member named Antonino

Antonino Estole

Senior Web Developer

image of team member named Phil

Phil Laznicek

Data Scientist/Database Architect